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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
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Celebrating the post-Civil War western drama series that aired on CBS from 1993-1998 starring Jane Seymour and Joe Lando.

motivatedsoup answered your question: Who’s Listening?

oh no i didn’t know about it! im so sad. I wish they would make a TV movie reunion thing though!

Well in the beginning of the show, the host did say she was in talks with the Paley Center to try and do a reunion panel or something, so at least there’s people working on things like that.  Hopefully one day.  I think the cast would love to do it.

The show’s been pretty fun.  It’s a little crowded though for my liking, but they’re sharing some good stories.  They should have it posted so you can listen to the whole thing tomorrow or later on in the week.

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    i know way late in replying but i have been really sick and travelling too but anyway, i did catch a little bit of it...
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