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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
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Celebrating the post-Civil War western drama series that aired on CBS from 1993-1998 starring Jane Seymour and Joe Lando.

faithfire replied to your post: “faithfire replied to your photo: OMG I love how Sully’s just like,…”:
I love their relationship. Esp in the ep where he goes to Boston after Michaela

It’s such a unique relationship that they formed and I really love it too.  She was hesitant about trusting and accepting him (and I don’t blame her really considering what she’d always pictured and wanted for her daughter) so it was very sweet to see how she grew to respect Sully and his ways and be supportive of his relationship with Michaela.

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faithfire replied to your photo:
OMG I love how Sully’s just like, “Huh, there’s a woman there. Eh, best get to work.”

His interactions with Elizabeth in that episode are the best!  So funny.

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jennywil: So I reblogged your last gifset (of Mike's mom asking about Sully) and my friend- who has never seen the show before- asked me if Sully was some sort of nature man lol. The she said "Did he just walk out of the woods and into her life?" I thought for a second and said "yep, I guess he did!" :)

Ha!  I love that.  He pretty much did do that, yeah.

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Never hide behind the fact that you’re a girl. A woman. And don’t give up on your dreams just because you’re afraid you won’t achieve them in a man’s world. You just have to fight even harder to make them come true.

— Michaela Quinn, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

That’s the kind of woman a man could dream about his whole life.

Better live your dreams, Robert E.

maetelleab replied to your photo: “Well, as you’re well aware, you’re illegally occupying these premises….”:
GRRRR this guy. He makes my skin crawl.

He’s the worst!  But he makes an excellent villain. 

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