i-happened-to-baby-jane answered your post: “Gifs of Dr. Mike getting her tooth pulled yes or no?”:
Do you have Jake’s reaction to it, too?

It’s from when he grabs the pliers to after he yanks it out and asks “Souvenir?”

Gifs of Dr. Mike getting her tooth pulled yes or no?

Except for Charlotte, none of the townspeople would take me seriously as a doctor.  I was beginning to think Chief Kettle might be right.  Maybe I was crazy.  I’d come to Colorado Springs to be a pioneer doctor.  I was fast becoming just a pioneer.

The carved cradle, the hand-hewn furniture, every pot and pan.  Sully had left it all just as it had been when his wife died.  A hope chest full of hopes never realized, baby’s bootie, and their wedding picture.  I felt like an intruder.

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I'm watching the episodes where Dr. Cook and Colleen start to like each other and then I found this blog.... and I LOVE THIS BLOG! I just had to message you and thank you for creating such a wonderful blog. :D

Thank you so much!  I’m really an awful blog-runner but I’m so happy that more and more people keep finding this blog even though I suck and rarely post gifs these days.

Sorry for the delay again.  I was doing good for awhile.  My motivation comes in waves and I’m currently at 0%.  I want to get stuff done but it just doesn’t happen, sadly.  Thanks for sticking with me.  I’ll try to get a gifset up tonight.