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You guys.  I’m so sorry that I’ve been neglecting this blog.  I’m dealing with a lot of personal family issues at the moment that are just really sucky.  I’m also trying to keep up with my whencallstheheart blog.  Hopefully things will settle down for me some and I’ll have some free time to devote to getting requests done and whatever else over here soon. (:

A message from Anonymous
Hi! I just found this page and it's awesome (and I love it already)! I was reading on here and saw you mention When Calls the Heart! Please keep hinting till they watch it! Jack and Elisabeth remind me a lot of Sully and Mike! It's just amazing! Anyway, this blog is so cool and I just wanted to tell you that it was! :)

Aw, thanks!  Yes, I was really pushing for people to check out the show.  There are definitely a lot of similarities between the two shows.  There’s only one episode of When Calls The Heart left, so you should all have yourselves a marathon and watch it!  We need the viewers to ensure a second season!!!  There’s links online to check it out or it might be available on demand places as well.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… if you like Dr. Quinn even a little bit (which you obviously do if you’re following this blog), you will definitely like When Calls The Heart.

A message from Anonymous
Could you gif Sully "helping" Michaela onto the horse in the pilot, please? Thanks!

Sure! I’ll do the other requested ones first and then get to this one. (:

A message from Anonymous
Could you gif some of Matthew's scenes from the episodes where he was sheriff? Especially the episode Legend that Willie Nelson guest starred in? And maybe the season 6 episode Vengeance where he defended Willie Nelson's character in court. One of my favorite scenes in that episode was the one where Dr. Mike and Matthew talked when neither could sleep.

I will get these done this weekend.  I’m so sorry for the delays in getting gifs done.  Life really sucks for me lately and with the other blog I’m running for a current show, I want to stay on top of things (which I’m failing at really but I’m trying).

If anyone else has requests for particular scenes, send them my way! I know I need to get to the early seasons but that will probably have to wait until When Calls The Heart wraps up for the season here in a month or so and I’m not so pressured with getting those gifs done.

kitscaboodle replied to your post:
Gunsmoke reminds me of DQMW. I’ve been meaning to write a fic where Miss Kitty is Dorothy’s sister.

I haven’t seen that one either.  

There’s a lack of Dr. Quinn fanfiction out there which is a shame so you definitely should!  Since the series didn’t cover much of the more minor characters’ lives, there’s so much that could be written about.

I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption a lot lately and that totally gives me a lot of Dr. Quinn feels as I ride my horse around the land.  Not so much when I’m killing everyone though haha.  

emeraldarrows replied to your post:
The ’90s show Hawkeye reminded me a bit…mostly the time period/main character. It only lasted a season but I was a huge fan. (:

I’ve never watched, but even the poster for the show reminds me of Dr. Quinn for sure!

As far as the time period goes, Hell on Wheels is another one.  It’s definitely darker and grittier than Dr. Quinn, but it’s good.  

rainy-day-witch replied to your post: 
'Hart of Dixie' is another one. Big town doctor moves to small quirky town… I stopped watching after season 2 though :S

I watch Hart of Dixie and I never once thought of the Dr. Quinn parallel haha.  I can see it now though with Zoe butting into other people’s business just like Dr. Mike did and being stubborn about things.

A message from rainy-day-witch
Hi :) Just wanted to say how much I love your Dr Quinn blog. And also to thank you for your recommendation to watch 'When Calls the Heart'. I'm on episode 7 and LOVING it! Constable Jack has completely stolen my heart :) My main reason for writing though, I wanted to ask if you've ever seen the show 'Men in Trees'?? I loved that show a lot, and it always reminded me of a modern day Dr Quinn :)

Aww, thanks!  And I’m so glad that I’ve gotten people to check out When Calls The Heart.  It really is an awesome show and there’s so much to love about it.

I caught a few episodes of Men in Trees when it aired years ago.  I know my mom watched and really liked it so maybe I’ll find it online somewhere and check it out properly!  

Question for everyone:

Are there any other shows that remind you of Dr. Quinn?  It’d be cool to compile a list of shows for people maybe looking for new things to check out!  When Calls The Heart is probably as close to Dr. Quinn as you’re gonna get though which is definitely a good thing in my opinion. (That’s another hint that you all should be watching it and I will keep mentioning it until you do.)