-Seriously, am I the only one who knows the extremely popular BBC science fiction show about the time-traveling doctor who saves civilizations?

-Uh, yeah, I know what you’re talking about.  Doctor Who.

-How’d you get so involved?

-You see that wolf over there?  Some people think it’s evil.  He’s been a friend to me, just like the Indians.  Thirty years ago when the white man first set foot in this territory, there was thousands of those wolves and the government put a bounty on their head and now there’s just a few hundred.  The way I see it, same thing is happening to the Indians.

Alright!  I have 9 things in the queue to finish off episode 1.  If there’s a scene or something I missed that you’d like to see just let me know.  I’m starting on episode 2 now so hopefully I can just get a bunch of things queued up to post for the next month or so assuming my motivation continues.

I hope everyone is doing well.  My ask is always open to talk about Dr. Quinn or anything else so please don’t be shy.  

Dear, Michaela

I have just received your letter of November 10th.  It’s hard to believe we’re nearly a month apart by post.  Anything I write will be obsolete by the time you read this but so be it. Mary is with child.  Baby’s due in May.  Perhaps you will return by then.  I won’t pretend not to hope that you will give up this lark.  You’re a civilized woman, not some rustic. As for my advice on child-rearing:  come home, settle down, and raise a family of your own.